Car Restoration Bournemouth

Are you someone with a desire to own a classic car but simply don’t have the time or knowledge to invest in the restoration process?

Before you give up on your dream, you should give Trickett Welding a call on 01202 625 050 as we specialise in such services. In fact, we’re regarded as being the best, most affordable, and trusted choice for car restoration, Bournemouth has to offer. Call today to find out more!

Professional Car Restoration in Bournemouth

For many vehicle owners, their dream car is often a classic vehicle, yet these aren’t exactly easy to come by. The reason being is that there aren’t many left in existence with production having halted many, many years ago. Those that exist are often in varying states of disrepair. Without the time to spend on car restoration, Bournemouth motorists are flat out of luck. Fortunately, this is where Trickett Welding is here to help.

We provide one of the top Bournemouth car restoration services around backed by our impressive welding capabilities which are second-to-none. We’ve handled a vast array of requests throughout the years and completed countless restoration projects. We’re considered one of, if not, the best team, capable of restoring any classic car to factory-new condition. Read on to find out more.

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