Car Sanitising

Have you considered having your vehicle sanitised? Not many vehicle owners do, and when you consider the health implications, you may wish to reconsider.

Here at Trickett Welding, we provide car sanitising services using the cutting-edge Ozone system. Not only does this system remove lingering odours, such as the stale smell of smoke, but it also helps destroy viruses and bacteria.

If you would like to learn more about our car sanitising service, keep reading. Or, to book your car in with our team, call us on 01202 625050.

Why Should You Sanitise Your Vehicle?

Our vehicles see a lot of use, from taking the kids to school to commuting to work with a heavy cold or taking things to your local tip. Over time, microorganisms, bad odours, pests, and even volatile residue from volatile chemical detergents can accumulate. This affects both the comfort and health of you and your passengers. Fortunately, we have the solution here at Trickett Welding.

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