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Premium Welding Services For Cars

MOT time can be worrisome for many, especially if you know your vehicle is in danger of failing due to welding requirements. If can often be misunderstood that it’s an extremely costly process, but Trickett Welding Ltd is proud to provide superior quality car welding services at very competitive prices.

The metals used on cars are designed to be corrosion resistant, especially if they’re exposed, but over time even these structures can decay and require partial or complete replacement. Often a small section of rust won’t cause drivers to be concerned, but the size of the rusted or corroded section isn’t what should be considered. The severity of the corrosion and the location are most important.

Why is a small section potentially very important?

High-quality car welding service is extremely important. Even small patch corrosion on a load bearing section can destroy the continuity of the semi-monocoque design of the vehicle. A monocoque structure is one designed to reinforce itself, and the most successful version of this system comes from nature; an egg. For a true monocoque, there is no load bearing frame, which is why cars are semi-monocoque.

If that self-supporting system fails, then it drastically reduces the strength and safety of the vehicle; just like a small crack in the egg can cause the whole shell to shatter. If the vehicle were to crash, the designated crumple zones in the vehicle may not function as they should.

Without our car welding services, this can increase the risk of serious injury during the crash, and therefore makes rust and corrosion on important areas a potential MOT failure.

Trickett Welding Ltd can apply our car welding services to our MOTs and make sure you pass with no problems. We also utilise our car welding services to complete repairs on classic vehicles as well.

What Else Do We Offer?

On top of providing the best car welding services in the area, we also do full vehicle services and repairs for all makes and models. Our team absolutely love having classic cars brought in for repairs and restoration, because classics are a speciality we offer.

Car Welding Services

We have an extensive portfolio of previous restoration projects, including:

Welding Services for Cars – Why Us?

Trickett Welding Ltd has over 42 years experience with car welding services and repairs. Our team are highly motivated and take pride in their work. We employ our keen eye for detail to make sure you’re getting a comprehensive service at brilliant prices.

We aim to give you a personalised service to help you see you’re not just another customer to us. A lot of our work comes from recommendations by previous clients to their friends and family, and once you come to us, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

At Trickett Welding Ltd, we offer car welding services that are approved by the Trading Standards Agency, so you know we always uphold the highest standards in the industry. We are also a long-standing member of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) who moderate the way we do business, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

One of our many happy customers reported “I spoke to Trickett Welding regarding my exhaust as it appeared to be ‘roaring’. I was expecting to have to replace the whole exhaust system, but Trickett Welding offered to take a look, as many exhausts can be repaired rather than replaced. After discovering two splits in my exhaust system, Nigel repaired them immediately and I was back on the road within the hour – minus the noise!

As a new driver, when something goes wrong with your car, you are in a very vulnerable position, so it has been very reassuring to find a company as honest and professional as Trickett Welding. I have happily recommended you to friends and family, and will definitely come to you next time I have an issue with my car.”

If you’re interested to read more from our clients, please view our testimonials.

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