Catalytic Converters Repair in Dorset

Have you noticed a problem with your exhaust? Have you been told that you need to have your catalytic converter replaced? Well, don’t listen to them! Here at Trickett Welding Ltd, we can perform catalytic converters repair. In Dorset, we have worked on numerous different makes and models of car, so you can trust us to get the job done. To book an appointment or to request a free no-obligation quote, call 01202 625 050.

First Class Dorset Catalytic Converters Repair

The catalytic converter of a vehicle is crucial as it reduces toxic gases and pollutants that emanate from the exhaust. In some cases, vehicles encounter problems with their systems which can prevent their car from functioning properly. Well, if this is the case for you, then our team will be able to perform catalytic converters repair, Dorset motorists.

Many individuals that have very little knowledge about cars tend to think that they need to replace their catalytic converters if a problem occurs. However, here at Trickett Welding Ltd, we can save you plenty of money. By carrying out catalytic converters repair in Dorset, we are fixing the problem without you having to shelve out lots of cash.

Our mechanics are extremely experienced and qualified to handle an array of motoring services, including Dorset catalytic converters repair. Every system is slightly different depending on the make and model of the vehicle, but you can trust in our expert eye. We have carried out many services on all kinds of cars and other vehicles.

As well as providing catalytic converters repair, Dorset motorists can also take advantage of our exhaust repairs. Our complete welding services allow us to repair your existing exhaust rather than replace it, which will cost you much more. Our professionals can fix all manner of issues, including wear and tear, accidental damage, and more.

Catalytic Converters Repair in DorsetOur Comprehensive Services

As well as being the go-to garage for catalytic converters repair in Dorset, our team are also well versed in many other motoring services. What makes us stand out from other garages is that we specialise in classic cars. We can perform restorations and repairs on your pride and joy.

For example, our Dorset catalytic converters repair service can be done on your classic car as well as your day-to-day vehicle. On top of that, we also offer the following services:

Why Choose Us for Catalytic Converters Repair, Dorset Drivers?

You may have considered many different garages for catalytic converters repair in Dorset, but you will struggle to find one that matches the efficiency of Trickett Welding Ltd. As a family-run business that has worked from the ground up, we know exactly what customers are looking for. There is no danger of you being duped into paying extortionate fees, as we operate in an honest manner.

Graham Trickett established the company in 1977 following years of experience as a fabricator welder. From 1978, he decided to introduce a repairs service for motor vehicles, which then led to offering catalytic converters repair. In Dorset, we struck up a positive reputation thanks to our stellar services and excellent customer service, which we maintain to this day.

If you are mulling over your options with regards to catalytic converters repair in Dorset, get in touch and we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote. From that point, it is entirely up to you whether we go ahead with the repair.

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To book in catalytic converters repair in Dorset, get in touch with our team today. You can secure a time slot or request a free no-obligation quote by calling 01202 625 050. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form.