Classic Car Repairs Poole

We perform car repairs and restoration for any type of car to preserve its functionality and safety, allowing it to conquer the roads again.

Trickett Welding is a family business based in Poole, with more than 45 years of experience. Our long-serving team repairs 4×4s, commercial vans, campervans, motorhomes, and many more!  

We attend to different situations immediately to make your car operational againfrom minor repairs to full-on classic car restoration, we have it all. With us, you put your car in safe hands, and we assure you that our team will thoroughly assess your car and give you a reasonable quote for the servicing required. Were also more than excited to provide your classic car with some TLC” with our expert touch till it bounces back to its golden years. For more information, Nigel is waiting for you on the other end of the phone, so dial now!  

The number one garage for Classic Car Repairs in Poole

In case youre hesitant, thats alright! We are aware of the pressure when handing over a precious classic car for restoration, but you dont have to trust us blindlyour testimonials speak for us. We pride ourselves on our professional and quick welding servicing, as well as our exceptional and classic restoration and repairs. We strive to achieve exquisite workmanship, and our clients have witnessed our passion and excellence in delivering more than expected. 

We have many recurring clients who became part of our family, and they have a lot to say about our classic servicing. Just imagine a car servicing company that treats you as a family member and takes care of you while the work is being done! We are very passionate about any classic car that we became the sponsors of Classic Cars on the Prom. {(} 

 Our long-standing history gives us the upper hand among competitors. When communicated, our quotes never change because we are sure of the work we do. Even more, we provide your cherished classic car with parts that are more affordable than those from the original brands with no compromise in quality.  

Choosing us as your number one garage for classic car repairs and classic restoration is much more convenient since we have everything that your car will need. Regarding classic restoration, you may never find the classic car parts that youre looking for, except at Trickett Welding. Conveniently, our car service duration is quicker than youd expect.  

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