Classic Car Restoration Services

Would you like to see a classic car transformed and restored to its former glory? Perhaps you lack the time or technical expertise to pull off such an ambitious project. Let Trickett Welding take care of everything with classic car restoration services that deliver outstanding results that are competitively priced. For more information, call us today on 01202 625 050.

Honest and Reliable Classic Car Restoration Specialists

Here at Trickett Welding, we’re regarded as being the go-to company for classic car restoration services. Perhaps you’ve always desired the romanticism that comes with driving around in a vintage motor, or maybe you’re looking to restore one to sell. The good news is that we keep a stock of cars on hand at all times ready to be restored and improved.

Simply select your base car and the colour scheme that you’d prefer, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our classic car restoration company will work closely with the client throughout to ensure that the vehicle restoration is in line with their expectations. You’re more than welcome to visit us at any time to inspect our progress and witness your car evolve into something spectacular. Time to completion can be from six months to a year.

What Do You Need to Know About Our Classic Car Restoration Services?

Considering the amount of time it can take to restore a vehicle to its former glory, it’s important to choose a make and model that you’re invested in. This will ensure that your enthusiasm doesn’t wane as often it can take 500 hours or more to complete the work. While our classic car restoration specialists will supply you with a rough estimate, keep in mind that costs will invariably go up.

This is because some spare parts can be quite elusive and their rarity means you’ll end up paying a premium price. It’s worth taking this into account and ensuring that you’re choosing a base car that’s well within your budget. You should also take into account the condition of the vehicle. A vehicle that has been written off in a serious accident will likely have a buckled frame.

Only with our classic car restoration services can this issue be rectified and this can push the cost up further. Again, it’s worth factoring things like this into your decision. The beauty of using Trickett Welding is that we make such decisions that much easier to make. We provide our customers with honest and impartial advice and will assist in the selection process.

Our classic car restoration company will complete all work in-house. Our trusted team of welders will ensure a pristine finish that you’ll be hard-pressed to distinguish from that of a newly constructed car. As well as classic car restorations, we also offer a range of other services too, including:

Classic Car Restoration Services

Why Choose Our Classic Car Restoration Company?

If you’re searching for affordably priced classic car restoration services, look no further than Trickett Welding. With years of experience to draw on, our fully certified team possess the skills and expertise to make your car restoration a reality. Over the years, we’ve completed a variety of projects for all manner of clients, so you can rest assured that we’re more than up to the task.

Our team benefit from the experience and passion of our founder, Graham Trickett. His enthusiasm for his craft is one shared by us all. Whether you’re in need of an MOT, servicing, classic car restoration services or something else entirely; our team can help. Each of our employees is empowered through superior training to deliver exceptional results.

Plus, we can do all this for prices that are highly competitive. We’re confident that you won’t find a better team of classic car restoration specialists anywhere else.


To enlist our classic car restoration services, call Trickett Welding today on 01202 625 050.