Classic Car Servicing FAQ

If you have a classic car, you will no doubt have many questions regarding the maintenance and general upkeep of it. Many of these questions might be about servicing the classic car, and we at Trickett Welding are on hand to assist with this.

We are often asked many questions about classic cars, especially regarding classic car servicing, so we have put together this handy classic car servicing FAQs page. Hopefully your questions regarding classic car servicing are answered on this page, but if not, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01202 625050 as we are more than happy to help.

Why Servicing is Important

One question we get asked quite often is why servicing a car is important. There are many car owners who simply don’t have their car serviced and, while it isn’t a legal requirement, it is still an important part of car maintenance, especially for classic cars.

Regularly servicing your car means that you are far more likely to have a car that runs both smoothly and efficiently. This can reduce the risk of the car breaking down and requiring unexpected repairs, which can be costly, especially on classic cars where parts are harder to source.

While many drivers assume they are saving money by not servicing their vehicle, a service can actually pick up on minor issues with parts of the car, especially areas with general wear and tear. These areas might just require a little maintenance but, if not spotted during a service, can escalate and require expensive repairs instead.

As you can see from the above information, servicing your car, while not a legal requirement, is important to the general maintenance and upkeep. This is especially true for classic cars that require a little more TLC than modern vehicles.

Is It Worth Servicing an Older Car?

One question that drivers of older vehicles often ask is whether it is worth servicing an older car. We at Trickett Welding believe that it is definitely worth servicing an older car, especially if that older car is a classic. The older the car is, the more likely it is that the mechanical parts within the car will need to be replaced. As such, regular servicing and maintenance is essential for older cars and classic cars.

Maintaining and servicing an older car isn’t necessarily difficult either. If the car isn’t regularly serviced, as with any car, it could lead to underlying faults in the system going unnoticed until they break down for good. With an older car, parts needed for repairs and replacements could be difficult to source, not to mention the repairs could cost more than the car is worth.

With regular car servicing, however, any minor issues will be picked up on early and can generally be managed through maintenance. It can actually work out cheaper to invest in regular servicing checks for your old car than waiting for an issue to arise and having it repaired.

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