Classic Car Welding Christchurch

Do you need welding services carried out on your classic car? Have you been searching for professional welders with experience working on classic cars? If so, you need look no further than Trickett Welding, the premier team for classic car welding Christchurch has to offer. Call us on 01202 625050 to find out more.

The Most Professional Classic Car Welding Christchurch Has to Offer

When it comes to having welding services carried out on your classic car, you will want to make sure you are working with a professional team of mechanics and welders who have experience working on classic cars.

Classic cars need more TLC and expertise than modern vehicles, which is why you should turn to Trickett Welding. We offer the most professional classic car welding in Christchurch, working to the highest of standards and treating your classic car with respect.

Our welding is carried out to a high standard, from small patches to complete sections. We have an extensive range of folders and presses to allow us to fabricate exact repair panels, and we only use new sheet steel.

What Other Classic Car Services Can We Provide?

In addition to classic car welding, the team at Trickett Welding offer a wide range of other classic car services. We are experts when it comes to classic cars, and we have extensive experience working on all types of classic cars, carrying out all types of service.

Some of the many classic car services we offer at Trickett Welding include:

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