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Welcome to Trickett Welding! We are one of the leading companies offering repairs for classic cars and vehicles here in Bournemouth. Here at Trickett Welding, we offer the widest range of repair services for cars Bournemouth has to offer. Our team of seasoned repairs professionals here at Trickett Welding are dedicated to offering nothing but the best quality restoration services for your cars.   

Here at Trickett Welding, we always try to set out to attain the same value of the cars placed in our service that they had pre-restoration. We at Trickett Welding know cars, and more importantly, we strive to retain the value of the classic cars that customers place under our service.  

Our team of experienced classic car repair professionals are committed to offering only the best quality repair services for your classic cars. With us here at Trickett Welding, you can now retain the value of your classic cars and even keep them looking as timeless as ever.  

Classic Car Repairs and Restoration services in Bournemouth   

Here at Trickett Welding, we are firm believers that our accumulated set of expertise is one that is unmatched. Our team has been passionately seeking to develop and revolutionize the manner by which we approach the repairs services we offer your cars for over 40 years now.  

The set of stellar services we offer for your cars here at Trickett Welding redefines what it means to have excellent standards when it comes to restoration services for cars. Benefit now from the most cost-effective repair services offered for your cars with our team here at Trickett Welding.   

Get the most value out of your dollar with our set of repair services here at Trickett Welding. Our team has set out to pursue the most passionate of endeavours when it comes to repair services, most of which have led us to where we stand today.   

In the case that you are still hesitant about handing over your classic cars to us here at Trickett Welding, it is completely natural. Here at Trickett Welding, our over 40 years in the business of classic cars repairs have taught us the true meaning and value of classic cars.   

In order for you not to base your trust on such blind notions, we have just the thing. Please visit our testimonials page now and scroll through the countless reviews some of our previous clients have so graciously posted on our behalf. Our previous projects of repairs for classic cars truly speak for themselves when it comes to matters of quality.  

Here at Trickett Welding, we are truly proud to be offering the most exquisite set of professional welding services that are swift as well as greatly secure. Our team is highly dedicated to delivering nothing less than stellar workmanship for your cars, and our many previous clients can attest to that.  

Our team of professionals appreciate the need for our services to deliver more than what is expected for our clients’ cars. We believe that every car that undergoes our set of restoration and repair services ought to return to its original mint condition in order to retain its value.  

Here at Trickett Welding, we are known to treat each and every one of our clients as close family members. Our team likes to build close ties with our customers, as we believe this would be the roadmap to building lasting business relationships.  

Trickett Welding is a family business that has been operational since 1977. Over our many years of service in the classic car repair business, we have truly gained a solid grasp of what it means to repair and restore classic cars. We believe our mission here at Trickett Welding is to be delivering only the best possible outcomes for all your classic cars as swiftly as possible.  

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