Classic Cars Poole

Are you the proud owner of a classic car? Then the team at Trickett Welding are here to help. We specialise in working on classic cars Poole , regardless of age, make or model. We offer a range of competitively priced services carried out by our classic car specialists. To find out more, call 01202 625050. 

Our Classic Cars Poole Collection 

At Trickett Welding, we provide a comprehensive range of services for all classic cars. Simply get in touch, and we’ll let you know how we can help with things such as: 

When it comes to classic cars, it can be tricky knowing who to turn to. Most garages don’t accept classic cars. The reason is that they simply lack the necessary knowledge to work on cars over a certain age. Without the necessary knowledge, they could end up inflicting more damage or causing further complications. 

The Trickett Welding team are all passionate about classic cars. We’re all knowledgeable and experienced and possess a sound understanding of most classic makes and models. If you own a classic car that needs any work completing, simply get in touch with our garage to schedule it in whenever is convenient for you. 

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