MOT Vehicle Welding Bournemouth

Are you looking for a garage that specialises in classic cars?

Well, look no further than Trickett Welding Ltd. We have a team of highly trained mechanics that have been restoring and working on classic cars for years. If your car has an MOT coming up and it needs work done, come to us for MOT vehicle welding. Bournemouth motorists can get a free no-obligation quote by calling 01202 625050. 

 The Best Garage for Bournemouth MOT Welding 

An MOT is an annual legal requirement. Any vehicle, whether it be a classic car or a modern car, needs to have a valid MOT certificate in order for it to be roadworthy. Every year, safety checks are carried out on cars to make sure that it is safe for road use. Depending on the condition of your features, you may require car welding in Bournemouth. 

By coming to Trickett Welding Ltd, you will receive a full and comprehensive service. Due to our experience in dealing with classic cars, you can trust our technicians to get your vehicle MOT-ready. Without the use of certain safety features, your car will fail its MOT, making it illegal for road use. At our garage, we can help prevent this by carrying out MOT vehicle welding, Bournemouth motorists. 

Seat belts, steering components, and suspension may need to be worked on as part of our Bournemouth MOT welding service. This is because your car will fail the MOT if these elements are not working correctly. When you arrive at our garage, we can inspect your classic car and carry out any necessary welding requests. 

There is no doubt that we should be your go-to mechanics for car welding in Bournemouth, particularly for classic cars. We have worked on many models, including a 1996 Shelby 427 Cobra and a 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. Keep in mind that we can also perform MOTs on modern cars. 

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