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Has your car broken down? Do you need a mechanic who can fix your exhaust? Are you in need of a locking wheel nut removal? Whatever your requirements may be, Trickett Welding is here to help. Ours is a vehicle repair shop Poole residents can always trust, so give us a call at your earliest convenience on 01202 625050.

The Services Offered In Our Poole Vehicle Repair Shop

Our vehicle repair shop Poole has come to rely on offers numerous services, all of which are affordably priced. Please keep reading below to discover all of our capabilities.

Exhaust Repairs

One of the most common reasons that people come into our vehicle repair shop in Poole is due to an exhaust problem. Many garages lack the facilities to effectively repair exhausts, which is why they often offer a replacement immediately. The truth is that nine out of ten exhausts can be fixed and Trickett Welding knows exactly how to do it.

An exhaust repair in our vehicle repair shop Poole is far more cost-effective than a premature replacement. The majority of these types of repairs can be carried out while you wait. Even if your MOT garage recommended an exhaust replacement, we don’t advise rushing as it’s always worth getting a second opinion.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Whether you have lost your key or the wheel nuts have become stuck or damaged, we are here to help. Trickett Welding is the only vehicle repair shop Poole can offer that boasts a 100% success rate when it comes to locking wheel nut removal.

Because the locking wheel nut key is easily misplaced, our vehicle repair shop in Poole recommends searching thoroughly prior to booking the vehicle into our garage. We have found that the most common storage places are:

  • The Glove Compartment
  • Underneath the Driver’s or Passenger’s Seat
  • The Side Compartments in the Boot
  • Under the Boot Carpet
  • Sitting On Top of the Spare Wheel
  • The Back Pocket of the Driver’s or Passenger’s Seat

In case you have checked all of these places and still come up with nothing, call our vehicle repair shop Poole team and book your car in. It’s always best to be proactive because you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road with no locking wheel nut key.

Vehicle Repair Shop Poole

Other Available Repairs

Do you need a service that wasn’t listed above? Get in touch with our Poole vehicle repair shop. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we are confident that we can facilitate your request regardless of its nature.

Why Choose Trickett Welding Over Another Vehicle Repair Shop Poole Offers?

Founded in 1977, Trickett Welding now possesses over four decades of hands-on experience in vehicle repairs. No other garage can compete with the skillset of our dedicated team of professionals.

Our Poole vehicle repair shop welcomes absolutely all customers. From minor tweaks to comprehensive repairs and everything else in between, we will be the only garage you need for high quality vehicle services.

As a customer service focused company, it makes us very proud that we get a majority of new work through word of mouth referrals. The client always comes first and we are fully dedicated to providing the most comprehensive service you will find anywhere.

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