Are you worried about your vehicle succumbing to rust damage? Have you been searching for a way to effectively protect against this? If you have, you need look no further than Trickett Welding Ltd and our Waxoyl Rustproofing. Dorset drivers can trust this method will protect their car for years, so call us on 01202 625050 to find out more.

Local Dorset Waxoyl Rustproofing Specialists

When you own a car, whether it’s a classic or modern vehicle, you need to take care of it. Once thing that can cause irreparable damage to a car is rust, so it is important that you take the steps to prevent rust taking hold. This is something we can help you with at Trickett Welding Ltd, as we offer a fantastic service; Waxoyl Rustproofing. In Dorset, we are the number one specialist for this service.

Waxoyl Rustproofing in Dorset

When you invest in this service, your vehicle will have its useable life extended greatly. You‘ll be able to carry on enjoying your car, safe in the knowledge that this process has done everything to both prevent and protect rust and corrosion taking hold. Waxoyl Rustproofing, Dorset drivers, is a service we offer for all vehicles, including:

  • Classic Cars
  • Camper Vans
  • 4×4’s
  • Trailers
  • Horseboxes
  • And More!

Modern vehicles are also prone to rust, even if they have been galvanised. If the conditions are tough or the galvanising has been undermined, your vehicle could end up riddle with rust, making it unsafe or hard to sell in future. You may be unaware that your vehicle is even corroded, as the rust may be underneath the car and hidden behind the cosmetic exterior. It is always recommended that you reach out preemptively to enquire about our Dorset Waxoyl Rustproofing.

Here at Trickett Welding Ltd, our prices are highly affordable and competitive, while our attention to detail and service levels are among the best in the industry. Plus, we offer a free rust protection check to identify if your vehicle is in need of Waxoyl Rustproofing. Dorset drivers, call us on 01202 625050 to book your car in for a check.

Other Services Available at Trickett Welding

When you own a car, you will need a reliable garage to carry out a wide range of services for you. At Trickett Welding Ltd, we are this garage as we can offer much more than just Waxoyl Rustproofing in Dorset. We provide your standard vehicle services, from servicing to MOTs, but we also offer services other garages don’t.

Our garage is known as being experts in car welding, which opens up a range of specialist services other garage cannot provide. One such service is our exhaust repairs. While most garages will recommend replacing your entire exhaust, which is a costly affair, we can repair your current exhaust for a lower cost.

We have the facilities and skills to carry out effective exhaust repairs. 9 times out of 10, an exhaust doesn’t need to be replaced, but most garages simply lack the facilities and knowhow to carry out a repair. Come to Trickett Welding Ltd, however, and we will see if a repair can be done instead.

Why Choose Us for Waxoyl Rustproofing, Dorset Drivers?

When it comes to a reliable garage for your vehicle, there are many to choose from in the Dorset area. However, for a garage that provides specialist services such as Waxoyl Rustproofing in Dorset, there is only one choice; Trickett Welding Ltd. We are specialists in vehicle welding, rejuvenation, and restoration, so we have the skills needed to carry out these specialist services.

As a family business, our reputation and relationship with clients is of high importance to us. We have over 45 years of experience in the industry and pride ourselves on being able to keep your cars fully functional, roadworthy, and safe. Providing exceptional standards of workmanship across all our services, including Waxoyl Rustproofing Dorset can trust, is at the heart of what we do.

While our services and workmanship are of the highest standards, are prices are affordable and competitive. Dorset, Waxoyl Rustproofing and our other services are affordably priced to be within everyone’s budget. Plus, we will never quote you or charge you for a service you don’t need; you will always receive a transparent service from us.

Better yet, we offer free no obligation quotes for all our services. When you come to us enquiring about Waxoyl Rustproofing, Dorset drivers, you have absolutely no obligation to commit to our service. If you’re unhappy with our quote, you can simply walk away. However, we’re confident you’ll be blown away by how affordable our work is.

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To find out more about Waxoyl Rustproofing, Dorset drivers, or to book in for a free rust protection check, call us on 01202 625050.